Re-Elect Jim Begley
Jim Begley
Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD)
Board of Directors Subdistrict 1

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Community Leader, Public Servant, Husband, Father

I chose to run for the Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) Board of Directors to make it a more transparent organization for the customer-owners, to restore fiscal responsibility after sharp increases in water rates, and to ensure that gas and water services provided by the district become more efficient.

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Working for YOU!

I was honored to have been elected to the board in 2012, and have fought for the customer-owners in striving to make MUD the leader in the natural gas and water utility industry. A few accomplishments include:

Increased Transparency

I led the effort to have all board meetings broadcast live on the internet, and to provide the archived recordings on the district website for viewing anytime at the customers’ convenience.

Fiscal Responsibility

Since 2013, as a result of making prudent decisions, the district’s credit rating has been upgraded from A to AA by Standard & Poor’s, and gas and water rates remain among the lowest in the region.

Faster Emergency Response Times

Since 2013, the time it takes MUD to arrive at an emergency gas call was reduced by 18%, from 31.75 minutes to 25.91 minutes.

Customer Service

Since 2013, when calling in to MUD, the % of customer calls answered by an MUD customer service representative has increased from 72% to 95%; the average wait time on the phone has been reduced from 4 minutes and 39 seconds to 1 minute and 23 seconds.

Infrastructure Replacement

While there is lots of talk nationally about investing in new public infrastructure, MUD has acted boldly in replacing century-old gas and water mains. Since 2013, the rate of replacing gas mains has increased by 68% (34 miles replaced in 2016), and the rate of replacing water mains has increased by 171% (10.6 miles replaced in 2016).


Continually upgrading and improving the three water plants referred to as the “Triangle of Reliability” (Platte South, Platte West, and Florence) to provide clean and safe drinking water, which meets or exceeds the standards set by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, including the five phase, 20 year, $150 million renovation of the Florence Water Treatment Plant.

A Vision for MUD

As the saying goes, a record is not something to stand on. It’s something to build on. While the district has made tremendous progress, there is still more to do. As such, I humbly wish to seek another term on the MUD Board of Directors.


This is a critical component in everything the district does, both for the public and for MUD employees.

The district recently centralized full control and accountability of all aspects of emergency response within the Safety and Security Department, under the leadership of a former Assistant Chief with the Omaha Fire Department. 

This change combines first-responder expert knowledge with District employee expert knowledge, resulting in a fresh perspective as the district moves towards its goal of industry-leading emergency response


MUD will double the number of miles of water mains being replaced on an annual basis, and will continue towards the completion of the gas infrastructure replacement, all of which are critical components for both public safety and reliability of services


In addition to allowing district employees to work more efficiently and save customers money, technology should also be used to improve emergency response times and notification of dangerous gas leaks


Increasing the number of customers in the MUD system will help keep rates among the lowest in the region for MUD’s customer-owners

Public Utility

Every effort should be made to ensure MUD remains a publicly-owned utility with oversight from an elected board of directors whose priority is on customer-owners rather than stockholders

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